What Does ICBC Pay the Doctors They Hire

Each year ICBC releases financial information. One of the printouts that has much interest is called “The Amount Paid to Suppliers for Goods and Services”. Basically, that document shows how much ICBC is paying their defence doctors each year.

The numbers underestimate the amount of defence work a particular doctor does because the work done for other insurance companies or directly through defence lawyers does not make its way into these figures. Therefore, when you look at the below chart, the numbers represent the minimum amount of defence work that a particular doctor is doing. Probably, although statistics are not available, the actual defence worked done by these doctors is significantly higher than noted below. However, the numbers do give you a good idea who ICBC likes to use:

Name of Doctor Discipline 2010 2011
Dr. John Arthurs Orthopedic surgeon $216,181 $200,4499
Dr. Paul Bishop Orthopedic surgeon $366,266 $199,281
Dr Marc Boyle Orthopedic surgeon $80,243 $193,342
Dr. Dommisse Orthopedic surgeon $236,355 $305,015
Dr. Ken Favero Orthopedic surgeon $304,731 $320,083
Dr Grypma Orthopedic surgeon $304,371 $339,560
Dr. Hawk Orthopedic surgeon $269,908 $229,496
Dr. Jordan Leith Orthopedic surgeon $198,058 $157,277
Dr V. Makin Neurologist $282,509 $152,494
Dr. Maloon Orthopedic surgeon $396,591 $422,401
Dr. Robert McGraw Orthopedic surgeon $387,600 $474,221
Dr. McPherson Orthopedic surgeon $163,153 $126,237
Dr. O’Shaughnessy Psychiatrist $280,850 $286,900
Dr. Reebye Physical and rehabilitation specialist $251,155 $307,179
Dr J. Schweigel Orthopedic surgeon $324,271 $94,140
Dr. Derryck Smith Psychiatrist $431,853 $496,959
Dr. Solomons Psychiatrist $864,917 $653,299
Dr. O. Sovio Orthopedic surgeon $290,427 $349,948
Dr. Tessler Neurologist $440,218 $492,319
Dr. Ian Turnbull Orthopedic surgeon $144,561 $208,674
Dr. Maelor Vallance Psychiatrist $143,575 $125,225
Dr. Peter Wong Orthopedic surgeon $263,284 $337,173

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