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    No Hidden Charges. No Fees Unless We Win.

    We handle every aspect of your injury claim, and can pay for your treatment as an advance on your settlement. If you haven’t given ICBC a statement yet, let us do it for you to ensure your claim isn’t negatively affected.

    Unlike other firms, we do the work without any upfront fees, and at no extra charge to you. This means we don’t get paid unless you get paid.

    Many law firms charge a 33% fee from your settlement. Our fees are 20-28% depending on when we settle.

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    ICBC Is Not Our Client. We Only Act For You.

    Many injury lawyers represent ICBC as well. The result is a potential conflict, and clients may wonder if their lawyer avoided a fight out of fear of losing ICBC’s business on other files.

    We never act for ICBC. We are dedicated solely to helping injured claimants receive the compensation they deserve.

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    We Fight To Maximize Your Settlement Before Trial.

    We recognize that most clients do not want to go to court. Trials are stressful and uncertain, which is why we strive to recover the largest amount possible through the settlement process.

    98% of cases settle, and going to court is always the client’s decision. But, with our commitment and record of success, we will not hesitate to go to court if a fair settlement is out of reach.

    A recent claim we took to trial, as reported by the Vancouver Sun. 

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    Your Health Is As Important As Any Financial Award.

    Not only do we handle your entire claim so you can focus on getting better, but we also connect you with leading medical doctors and rehabilitation facilities.

    With our decades of experience, we’ve established relationships that ensure you receive the best expert opinions and medical care.

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    We Offer a Free Consultation.

    With offices in Vancouver, Surrey and the Okanagan, we proudly represent clients across BC. There is no need to live nearby to retain our services.

    For a free, no obligation consultation, please fill in the information below and one of our lawyers will contact you shortly, or call 604 336 8003 to speak to one of our lawyers now.

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